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Kermós the Beefy was a Bullywug demigod who had been dethroned from his kingdom and god-hood. He was banished to the sewer system of Evil Dave's house, where he stayed for many years before joining the party of the session.

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He essentially was just a really swole Kermit the frog.

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The frog demigod found motivation from various different sources, but one of the biggest was his love for the spaceman character Zep Drennegan, who he wanted to someday meet.

History Edit


Not much is known about Kermós' birth or parents, but he was born into his royal position. He ruled over the swamps of (insert here), exacting judgement on various amphibious disputes and defending the swamps from various threats. In the year (insert here)SCU, Kermós was banished from his kingdom when his queen started a revolt—betraying her husband.

Without a kingdom, Kermós became disillusioned with politics and exiled himself, followed by a small number of amphibians who had remained loyal to him. He eventually found himself in the dirty lair beneath Evil Dave's house, with no hope of ever regaining his kingdom.


When a team of heroes fell into the lair of Evil Dave, Kermós was quick to meet the travelers, as he had not experienced company in a long while. After some persuasion, Kermós elected to join in their quest, helping them to defeat the Cult of (insert here) and escape to the surface. Kermós was immediately taken by the beauty of Evil Dave's mother, and they made passionate love.

Kermós accompanied the party through various other adventures, eventually becoming close friends with Draevon the Funky Man, who helped Kermós to realize that his constant lust was not acceptable in the human world.


Not much is known about Kermós' fate. Kermós and Draevon remained close friends for the rest of their lives, and had many adventures together. Whether or not Kermós was able to retake his kingdom is unknown.

He later relocated to Heaven's Gate, where he fathered many sons and daughters. He died

Weapons, Additional Skills, and Features Edit

Kermós carried a giant war-hammer, usually strapped to his back. In addition to his main weapon, he also carried a shield, tomahawks, gardening tools, and a pair of electric sex pants, which he used often in battle. He would often use Flex-Oil in battle to increase his strength, and would collect more wherever he could find it.

Kermós was able to summon to his aid up to 10 frog scouts per day to assist him in scouting out a particular area for danger. He possessed a mental link with them, and was sometimes able to see through their eyes.

Character Sheet Info Edit

Class & Level: Level 3 Fighter/Samurai

Background: Folk Hero

Player Name: Maximillian Stoner

Race: Bullywug

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Age: Unknown

Height: 5'0"

Weight: Unknown

Eyes: Black

Skin: Green

Hair: None

Trivia Edit

  • Kermós' desire to have sexual relations with everyone he meets is part of his kingdom's heritage. Sex in their culture is considered a compliment between friends, or a friendly greeting.
  • Kermós once ripped the penis off of a Swolebold named Tomas, killing him in the process
  • While having had many loves, perhaps his greatest crush was on Barbara The Barbarian, a fellow quest member.

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