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Lordran, the Bearer of Heavens


The alleged creator of the primeval man and nature itself. Older than time itself, it is taught that Lordran is the truest balance of power. He is said to now prevent the sky itself from crashing on humanity, and only intervenes when _______ is in risk of total annihilation.

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Lordran was born from the Eldair. Wishing to have permanence instead of raw creation and chaos, Lordran trapped his parents in a prison of Crystallized ambrosia. Free to create, Lordran gave birth to the elemental gods who created the rest of the universe alongside him.

Lordran, fearing that the Erolitus (the key to free the Eldair) might fall into corrupt hands, cast a spell that let him see the greatest human heroes who died with unfinished business. He then summoned six heroes from the future, fed them fruit from the Tree of Balance to make them immortal, tasked them with defending the erolitus, and named them the Defenders of The Erolitus.

Lordran ruled over the gods for centuries. He was summoned to earth in the year 0:BAE when The Necromancer freed the Eldair from their prison. Lordran was killed by Thanatus, but Ji-chamba Janestar brought him back to life using the power of the Eldair. Lordran then returned to his throne.

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Citizens of the Holy Lyconian Empire

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Lordran believes in the balance of the universe, and strives to maintain balance at all times.

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Stepbrothers of Gi-chamba

Order & Chaos

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Lawful Neutral, Elder God of the Plane

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His influence comes from the characters of Zeus and Jupiter.

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