The Main Timeline, as told in sections:

BAE- Before Apocalyptus Eldair

PAE- Post Apocalyptus Eldair

Pre-history-66,000:BAE Edit

The Eldair held the universe in constant flux, creating and destroying its essence at will. Their love gave birth to Lordran, who imprisoned them in the Tree of Balance in order to keep them from destroying the new god's creation. He established the Defenders of The Erolitus, to guide the path of history.

66,000-50,000:BAE Edit

The creation gods roamed (insert here), forging the brand new world to their liking. Monsters were also created in these early times, along with Elves and Dwarves.

50,000-48,000:BAE Edit

The Dawn of Man. Humans, assisted by the gods, built homes and created tools to assist in their advancements. They quickly became a force to be reckoned with, and the first wars were waged in these times.

48,000-2,920:BAE Edit

The golden age, when dragons were slain, magic was fresh, and quests were daring.

2,920-1,500:BAE Edit

The reign of Gi-chamba. The calm before the storm. The world had begun to take on a much darker tone, but not so much that the inhabitants were willing to adapt to it. For the first time, the world began to feel old.

Quests: Stepbrothers of Gi-chamba, The Quest for Evil Dave, The Quest for The Necromancer

1,500-0:BAE Edit

The Road to Apocalypse. Evil settled into the land leading up to the return of the Tree of Balance. The Beast people were hunted nearly to extinction. War divided the land as the New Lyconian Empire waged war against the Armies of Saga in the north.

0:BAE-100:PAE Edit

A Brave New World.

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