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A region in the continent Armelia, personified by its bountiful mountain ranges.

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A northern region that can get very cold, but nevertheless is still very hospitable. Some have theorized that Nosfordland lies beneath the home of the Gods themselves, due to how many of them seem to find their way here. Mountain ranges dominate the skyline.

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Around the year 66,000:BAE Nosfordland was raised from the sea, along with the rest of the continent when the Defenders of The Erolitus cast a shard of the Erolitus into the sea, creating the continent.

Many years later, during the age of man, it was discovered and named after Geralt Nosford, who was betrayed by his band of explorers and killed.

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There are many different cultures that call Nosfordland their home. A few of them are:

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Heaven's Gate

The Village Beneath The Mountain

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Temple of Saga

The Mountain

Brass Bull

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Gaith Unwood

The Necromancer

Great Being

Mr. Wimbledon

Mathida Runesleaf

Lhikan Ancrana


Zep Drennegan

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The Quest for The Necromancer

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