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An ancient teleportation device that used sunlight (or moonlight) to transport a user from one place to another.

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A golden sundial, the markings on the sides could be used to predict weather, find latitude and longitude, and had a list of prophesies on the back.

When used to teleport, the Sollar would have a delay based on distance and knowledge of the device. Danny's attempts usually took 7-8 hours, while Severen's was almost instantaneous. It would also take longer if there was no direct sunlight or moonlight at the destination, as the Sollar would wait until there was a break in the clouds to deliver.

An individual teleported by the Sollar would not survive the teleportation unless the blood of the gods ran through their veins, or they had a powerful artifact to divert the energy into. This was what allowed Tungsten to survive by wearing a powerful pendant.

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The Sollar was crafted by Saga at the beginning of the universe to serve the Defenders of The Erolitus at a distant point in the future. It was placed in a hidden alcove in the Temple of Water where it sat until found by the Defenders in the year 0:BAE.

They used the Sollar to gather the shards of the Erolitus for Tristane Mortimer, who betrayed them; stealing the Sollar and revealing that he was secretly The Necromancer. He then used the Sollar to teleport to St. Karia, where he began the ritual to summon the Eldair. During the Apocalypse Eldair, the Sollar was lost in the sea. It has yet to be recovered.

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Danny Jameson

The Necromancer

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Order & Chaos

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The prophesies on the back were never revealed, as they were written in an unknown dialect. Saga wrote them, but he is unaware of their meaning.

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