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A group of believers who lived atop The Mountain, a small mountain in the (insert here) region. They believed that the Great Being had descended to earth over 10,000 years ago, granting the first of the monk's, Lhikan Ancrana, knowledge in the use of herbs to defeat and nullify the arcane.

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The monks held that only two of their religion could exist at a time, a master and an apprentice. When an apprentice's master died, the apprentice was tasked with journeying to The Village Beneath The Mountain to choose a new apprentice.

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In the year (insert here), The Great Being descended from the heavens and came to rest on the top of The Mountain. A young farmer of the village, Lhikan Ancrana, approached the mountaintop and met with the entity, who accepted Lhikan as his pupil. Lhikan learned the arts of arcane herbal weaponry, and when the Great Being left the mountain, Lhikan chose an apprentice from the village, thus beginning the cycle of master and apprentice.

1,000 years later, the apprentice Gaith Unwood, accepted possession from a dark entity, which then used Gaith to kill his master. Gaith refused to accept an apprentice, intending to break the cycle and end the lineage with him, fearing that his corruption would destroy more people he loved. His fears were validated when an army of Skeleton Warriors attacked his village. While trying to fend them off, he lost control of his powers, and burned the village to the ground, losing consciousness. He awakened to find the entire village razed, and no one in sight. He presumed the villagers deceased.

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The Quest for The Necromancer

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The Monks mainly wanted to be left alone to study their herbal knowledge. They were also tasked with defending the village below against any sort of arcane or magic attack.

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Gaith Unwood

Lhikan Ancrana

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Gaith Unwood

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