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Dungeon Master- Stephen Winder


Maximillian Stoner


Austyn Burgess

Stephen Leskowat

Nathan Schaffner

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Armies of Skeleton Warriors have been attacking the countryside of Nosfordland!

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Lil Guy

Gaith Unwood


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Four travelers, Gaith Unwood, Lil Guy, Wolfrum, (Pauvoo), and Patrin are summoned from different areas in Nosfordland to combat the skeleton warrior menace. They were summoned by Heaven'sGate Jakobin, a member of Heaven's Gate concerned for the well being of Nosfordland. Meeting in the pub "The Brass Bull" in Tustoff, Jakobin hires the travelers to investigate and apprehend the individual(s) who started the skeleton warrior business. The party agrees to the quest, just as the town is attacked by the very warriors in question.

The heroes repelled the skeleton attack, and Gaith used his herbal knowledge to track the skeleton warrior's paths to their source: an abandoned graveyard once known as the Black Iron Graveyard. (Pauvoo) discovers by accident that the graveyard is a puzzle, and solving the puzzles opens an entrance to an underground crypt. They meet the spirit of Braanar, The Brass Bull, whom the party frees from his spiritual curse. Once free, he tells the party of his legendary shield that is hidden in the cave before going on to the afterlife. Journeying into the crypt, the heroes were ambushed by the skeletons and forced to burn down a wooden drawbridge to survive the encounter. Travelling deeper into the crypt, the party encountered Hogarth the Mad, a tormented spirit who tried to kill them. At the same time, his followers began pouring into the room from all sides. Gaith solved the puzzle in the room, stopping the flow of warriors, while Patrin killed Hogarth with his war axe. They then entered the antechamber, to find it empty. It appeared as though someone had taken something from the room and left recently.

Exiting the crypt, the party returned to Tustoff, to find the village razed to the ground whilst they were in the crypt. The party decided to check on their respective homes and return to Tustoff in one week's time.

One week later, the party regathered and traveled to Vunderton, but were stopped at the gate. The city was not magic user friendly, and used imprisoned magic users to detect unwanted visitors entering their gates. Gaith used his spirit's telepathic powers to beg the guard to let them through. The guard complied. Once inside the city, the party stopped at the Temple of Saga After asking Father Jacobin to gaze into their Scrying pool, the clerics agree. The party members are given various visions and prophesies about the future, leaving some of them scarred.

The party then travels to the "Dancing Hatchet" in order to discover news of the local town. The tavern is staffed by a gentleman named Captain Oliver Lockwood, who tells them he knows nothing of the Necromancer. The tavern is then interrupted by the appearance of Mr. Wimbledon, a local jester and idiot. He gets the tavern to dance his signature "Gay Dance" but is arrested by the local police force for tax fraud. In the struggle, a man is killed in the bar. An eerie band of skeleton pirates, led by a pirate calling himself the King of Greed, arrives to clear the body.

That night, the party takes refuge in the tavern, "The Rusty Hag" where Gaith gets drunk. A bar fight breaks out, which inadvertently leads the party to discover a secret underground boxing ring. Pauvoo is elicited into fighting for a man named Nam-bo Gichamba, who is a powerful politician from the south and one of the Stepbrothers of Gi-chamba. Pauvoo is able to defeat his opponent, and swears himself to the service of Nam-bo. The party sleeps in the tavern.

The next morning, the party decides to split up, with Gaith and Patrin heading back to the temple to try and contact Saga, while Lil Guy, Wolfrum, and (insert here) travel to the merchant's district to purchase weapons and items.

Gaith and Patrin head back to the temple, only to find it under investigation for using magic. In addition, the stone that powers their scrying pool has been stolen, leaving the pool powerless. They disguise themselves as detectives sent to investigate the scene. Patrin asks Gaith to create a diversion so that he can join the clerics in contacting Saga, without police interference. Gaith proclaims himself The Necromancer, using his spirit to produce a magical show, then flees, giving Patrin and the clerics the space they need to contact Saga. They are succesful, and Patrin is given a vision of The Necromancer meeting with a merchant in the city. Patrin looks for Gaith, but can't find him. Meanwhile, Gaith is captured and tortured by the (yearl) Jekyll Girthgrip. Jekyll realizes they are on the same side, and they make a plan to have Gaith pose as the Necromancer and escape the prison. Jekyll slips Gaith the key to his cell and leaves.

Meanwhile, (insert Wolfram, Lil Guy, Pauvoo's story)

They see the ruins of The Temple of Saga and hear that Gaith has been arrested. They head to the town's prison and meet Patrin. The group gains entrance inside. Rejoining Gaith, the party stages a breakout. Gaith runs ahead, creating small illusions, while the rest of the party uses their magic to produce non-lethal illusions and trip anyone trying to stop Gaith's flight. Gaith brandishes the symbol of The Necromancer, a cracked hourglass, on the door of the city, while Big Guy makes the city's warning beacon burn with black flames that ascend to the heavens. The party flees to Jekyll Girthgrip's cabin in the woods, where they intend to lie low for a bit.

The cabin is located in undead-infested woods, and the party finds themselves surrounded on all sides. Lil Guy breaks out of an upper window to kill a zombie cow, seeing it as a gift from Big Guy. After a huge debate, the party decides to cook it up, but instead of eating it they use the cooked flesh to distract any zombies who see the cabin. Gaith plants the city of Vunderton into the undead's minds, hoping to use the undead attacking the city as a distraction to mask their entrance back into the city. The undead leave for Vunderton. The party finds evidence that servants of the Necromancer had taken residence in the cabin in Girthgrip's absence. They find clues that the Necromancer is trying to use some kind of ancient artifact to enhance his powers.

The party, led by (insert here), a servant of Girthgrip, reenters the city through the underground sewage tunnels. After a brief battle with some undead, the party emerges from the well in the town square. They head to the merchant's district, where they seek Jim Fullhelm whom Patrin saw in his vision. Vunderton has locked and bolted their doors after the events of the last few days. Arriving at the man's shop, "Jim Fullhelm's Knick Knack Emporium" , the party knocks on his door. He opens the door slot, and Gaith uses that opportunity to teleport inside behind him and knock him to the ground. The man is revealed to be an innocent merely manipulated by the Necromancer, and he tells the party where the Necromancer is hidden in Vunderton. The party rushes to the area.

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