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The Village Beneath the Mountain is a small fishing village between the sea and The Mountain. Their main resources are crops and seafood. After the year (insert here) SCU, the village was also used to provide new apprentices for The Monks of The Mountain, a religious group that lived in the mountain above them. The village was later destroyed by Gaith Unwood in the year (insert here) SCU.

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The population of the village varied widely over the years, at the most having 1,500 citizens, to only having 15. At the time it was destroyed, its populous was around 150.

The houses were crafted from spruce and thatch, with various carved shells used for decoration.

Private property was frowned upon as a practice, and all resources were gathered and shared among the village. If one member was starving, they all were.

Because of their way of life, they stayed mostly secluded from the rest of the world, only trading with the closest nearby villages, and not accepting or using currency of any kind.

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The village was founded in (insert here) SBC by a group of deserters from the army of (insert here). They took to fishing for a living, found wives, and settled the area. 300 years passed, and the village prospered. One night a young boy, Lhikan Ancrana, saw a light from the heavens fall to The Mountain's summit, and he traveled to investigate. There he met the Great Spirit, who taught him the art of Herbal Arcana. Lhikan became the first monk of the mountain, and began the long line of believers who lived on The Mountain.

In the year (insert here) a fisherman's son in the village grew violently ill and was close to death. The monks of the mountain were summoned, an unnamed monk and his pupil, Gaith Unwood. The monks discovered that the boy had been possessed by a dark entity, and it intended to devour his life force. Realizing that the spirit's lust for beauty was its weakness, Gaith committed the noble act of sacrificing his own soul for the boy's, allowing himself to be possessed instead. The boy's life was spared.

Twenty years later, a band of skeleton warriors attacked the village. Gaith was summoned from the mountain, but while defending the village, he lost control of the spirit inside of him, destroying the village in a blast of fiery power, killing both skeletons and humans. It has yet to be rebuilt. The population is presumed to be deceased.

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Lhikan Ancrana

Gaith Unwood

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The Quest for The Necromancer

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