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Torath, the Snake That Encircles the World


Followers of Torath believe he wishes for humans and gods to be considered equal. Has known to bestow gifts upon humanity, such as critical thinking and magic powers.

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Creation Myth:

There was once a garden upon the Earth, upon which the Creator God, Lordran, created the first man and woman. The garden was a paradise on Earth as long as they followed Lordran’s every rule. Torath, the snake convinces the two that eating from the Tree of Knowledge would awaken their minds and give them free will: the ability to choose their own destiny.

Yum yum eat that shit

Creator god gets pissy and throws them out. Torath shows them how to live in the cold dark world of Morality. Teaches them to be thoughtful, to respect knowledge and be self-reliant.

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Chaotic Good, Elder Forgotten God

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  • Is Snek
  • Values Knowledge, Discovery, and Self-Determination
  • Abhors Slavery and Subjugation
  • Equality between men and women (Snakes are ambiguous, he or she)
  • Egalitarianism and Enlightenment
  • Introduced the gift of mana to humans

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