Victor was a vampire wheelman for the Monster Cops. He was known as a loose cannon in the force.


Victor had pale skin and black hair. He wore black gloves, pants, and boots, a black longcoat, and a black widebrim hat.


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Monster Cops: Edit

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Order & Chaos: Edit

When the Defenders of The Erolitus were trapped in a crystallized ambrosia prison by Severen, Victor journeyed with Nox to rescue them. Using Silverlight, Victor shattered the prison and freed the heroes. He also had an indirect role in stopping the Eldair from destroying the universe. After the battle, he disappeared with Nox.

Weapons, Additional Skills, and FeaturesEdit

Victor used a rapier and a hand crossbow. He also had a crowbar and playing cards.

Victor was known as the best wheelman in the force, even capable of harnessing the power of the legendary 9th gear in the squad car.

Later, he carried the legendary sword, Silverlight.

Character Sheet InfoEdit

Class & Level: Level 5 Rogue

Background: Criminal

Player Name: Ben

Race: Vampire

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Age: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Eyes: Unknown

Skin: Pale white

Hair: Black

Additional Files Edit

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