Wolfrum was a Wolffolk pirate who grew up on the high seas, and eventually became captain of his own ship. After his crew mutinied against him, he joined a group of adventurers at Tustoff who went on a quest for the necromancer terrorizing that area.


Wolfrum is 5'8" tall, and has dark gray fur and blue eyes. He wears an eyepatch with golden stitching, a red trifold hat with an owlbear feather in it, a blue long jacket, a white shirt, dark pants, and cuffed boots.


Wolfrum is primarily driven by treasure hunting and rum. He also has a sense of loyalty towards his fellow adventurers, though he'd likely never admit it.



Wolfrum was raised on a pirate ship owned by Captain Oliver Lockwood, and eventually obtained and captained his own ship. His crew eventually mutinied, leaving him stranded at Tustoff.


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Weapons, Additional Skills, and FeaturesEdit

Wolfrum used a cutlass and daggers. He also carried a flintlock pistol that could be used with bullets or shrapnel ammunition. During the quest for the necromancer, he acquired a magic dagger that tells which direction is north.

Wolrum can shoot a ray of frost from his hands and cast a spell which allows him to understand any language he can see or touch.

Character Sheet InfoEdit

Class & Level: Level 4 Rogue

Background: Pirate

Player Name: Ben

Race: Wolffolk

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Age: 30

Height: 5'8"

Weight: Unknown

Eyes: Blue

Fur: Dark gray


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