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Zep Drennegan is a (thought to be fictional) human spaceman from outer space. He is a celebrity, especially to amphibians and reptiles, and has his own book series, comics, bobble heads, and toys.

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Drennegan wears a spacesuit with carbide wings, a glass helmet, and a deadly laser. He has a small hair in the middle of his chin.

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Most of what is known about Zep Drennegan's past has been muddled with the fictional stories that made him famous. What is known is that rumors surfaced in the year (insert here)SCU that he had found his way to Nosfordland and was repairing his damaged spaceship.

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The Quest for Evil Dave (mentioned)

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Zep carried a dangerous laser on his right wrist that could burn through flesh and various materials.

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  • His book series and comics are so popular among amphibians and reptiles that they fight over his merchandise.
  • Kermós the Beefy was one of his biggest fans, and wanted desperately to meet him.

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Kermós the Beefy

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